Free Delivery

We offer delivery service for all prescriptions. Some conditions & restrictions apply.

If you live in Winnipeg, we will deliver your prescriptions to you at no charge. Just click on the “Contact us” tab or call us to let us know your details and we’ll do the rest. We can have your meds at your door as soon as possible.

Arlington Pharmacy does simple compounds based on customer’s need. Please contact us for further details.


Flu Shots

Flu shots are an added defense when the flu season strikes over the winter months. Why it's important to get the flu shot:

Influenza is not "just a cold" - it's a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even fatality. The flu shot is not just for people with health problems, healthy people can also get very sick from the flu and spread it to others.

By getting the flu shot, you are protecting yourself, your family and others around you who may be at risk of flu complications - such as young children or seniors. The flu shot protects against a few different flu viruses and is the best protection against the flu.

Get your flu shot early in the flu season so that you are already protected when the flu starts circulating in our community.

We offer all publicly funded vaccines and also provide injection / vaccination* services. *Some fees may be applied. Please contact us to find out more.

For chronic medications, blister packaging makes it easy to take it on time.

Blister-packs are examples of compliance packaging and are useful if you or someone you know are experiencing any of the following:

You are having difficulty remembering to take your medication every day, or at the right time everyday.

You sometimes forget to take your medication or forget if you already took it because you have many medications to keep track of.

You are taking other vitamins and herbals with your prescription medications and want to make sure you take them at the appropriate time so that they don't interact with your prescription medications.

Blister-packs can help you with these issues, so let the pharmacy team organize your medications for you.

Blister Packaging

Refills & Review

Refilling, reviewing & simplification of each medication with auto reminders.

Let us take care of refills for you. Choose between our phone and in-store refill programs to refill your medications. We will set up AUTOREFILL to get your recurring prescription filled automatically days before you’re scheduled to run out. It's all about your convenience - no more missed doses, less waiting time, and fewer trips to the pharmacy. We will even notify you when your prescriptions are ready for pick up and when you need to contact your physician for renewals.

Medication review service* provides an opportunity for pharmacists to meet one-on-one with patients, helping them to identify and resolve common medication-related issues in order to get the most benefit from their medication. *Please contact us for further details.

We provide monitoring & advise accordingly to minimize associated risks. High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Even small changes in blood pressure can have a significant impact on life expectancy. For further details and free blood pressure check please visit our pharmacy.
Our Pharmacist have been trained to provide one-on-one consultations on Blood Sugar Check which may include:

Your history of diabetes

Proper use of blood glucose monitors and insulin pens

Review proper injection techniques if applicable

Provide answer of your questions on monitors, medications, insulin and lifestyle changes

Arlington Pharmacy provide what you need to manage your diabetes:

Blood glucose test strips

Blood glucose monitor

Lancet devices and lancets

Insulin & Syringes/Needles

Sharp containers for safe disposal

Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Check