About Us

We see the pharmacist's role as that of a recognized community leader, whose commitment to their patients make them an important member of their patient's health care team.

who we are

Who we are

Our standards for service and quality reflect a high level of professional commitment to the community we serve. At Arlington Pharmacy, we believe the little things in life are often the most important. As part of the fabric of your community, you can count on us being there when we’re needed.

To us, health is our most precious commodity. From the very young to the elderly, quality of life is directly linked to quality of health. And so, in an increasingly demanding world, our role is to serve the day-to-day life of our community. When you choose Arlington Pharmacy, you can count on friendly and professional wellness advice.

Our Services

Free Delivery

We offer delivery service for all prescriptions. Some conditions & restrictions apply.

Flu Shots

Flu shots are an added defense when the flu season strikes over the winter months.


We experience with thousands of options for providing individualized medication.

Blood Pressure & Sugar Check

We provide monitoring & advise accordingly to minimize associated risks.

Blister Packaging

For chronic medications, blister packaging makes it easy to take it on time.

Refills & Review

Refilling, reviewing & simplification of each medication with auto reminders.

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